Translator from English, German and French into Spanish and Catalan. Proofreader and copywriter in Spanish and Catalan. inscrit sur

Cv code NM-ES-202004-292


I'm a professional translator from English, German and French into Spanish and Catalan with 10+ years of experience in the industry as a translation project manager, translator, proofreader and copywriter. I help entrepreneurs and companies find their voice and connect with a wider audience....


  • Does managing (or even carrying out) business translations take time which you would prefer to devote to your own projects?
  • Is your product/service highly specialised and you don’t have a translator you trust?
  • Are you looking for a translation company with technical knowledge for the translation of webpages, software, SEO or special file types like InDesign?
  • Do you need an urgent translation to meet a deadline or legal requirements?
Don’t look any further. Put your translations in my hands to reach more people who speak other languages:
- You will save time
- You will improve your visibility and online positioning


I have a team of carefully selected professional translators and copywriters. I only work with native professional translators who have been colleagues for years since I started working as a translation project manager.
Marketing translations
Copywriting in Spanish
Legal translations

Secteur activité

Translation for marketing departments, legal entities, fashion industry, technical texts, etc. Copywriting for specialised blogs, copywriting for websites. Proofreading of catalogs, posters, etc. to publish.